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Who I am is a profound question (which I started to ask myself since I was a child), knowing and experiencing every day, that I am the conscious essence creating Sebastian Luce. Who I am today is defined by what happened to me and what I do every day with it.

From this human experience, I have gone through several spiritual currents of personal transformation and self-knowledge. From meditation as a daily tool to Hindu, Oriental, shamanic philosophies and practices and some others.

I was trained in subjects ranging from computer science and engineering to visual communication, graphic design and photography. I lived wonderful experiences working for music in Argentina, gastronomy, clothing, health and research, environment and digital marketing for triple impact companies. Great achievements in which it would have been very comfortable to stay. I also became passionate about non-formal education and other learning alternatives, as my children were born. I founded two educational projects with these characteristics and worked for governmental educational organizations coordinating pedagogically, an educational innovation project in the province where I lived.

I resigned from all this in 2020, with the decision and conviction to become a full-time consultant for Humano Puente (I had already been a full-time consultant since 2013, but without working as such).

Throughout my life I lived in the country's capital, in the mountains, in the village and in the city. I fell in love, had children, lost a pregnancy, got married, became a father again. I fell down and reinvented myself. I emptied myself and challenged myself many times.

Today, I am a consultant in Conscious Bioexistence and Bioexistence applied to Business and Economy, accompanying so many people on this path of consciousness that proposes a shortcut to awakening through a personal teacher: the symptom.

A Human Bridge consultant is a child of mother earth who comes to exercise his sacred role, that of recognizing himself as a human being, who has taken the reins of his own creation and can now help his "reflections" (other people) so that they, in turn, can heal themselves and continue to heal him.  

I make

What I do and what I believe every day is defined by my daily actions and rituals based on my beliefs. I am honored to be a consultant in Conscious Bioexistence of Human Bridge.

It is likely that you have arrived because you are going through a symptom: everything that makes your life be lived as not full. What if that which seems so bad is not? What if it is simply that until now you have not known how to interpret what these situations have come to tell you? If you just want to leave your symptom behind by listening to its message I can accompany you, but I can assure you that a symptom comes to something much bigger and beautiful. It comes to give you back that original plan of life that you have lost along the way because for survival you have given up your own essence. A being begins to consciously create his reality when he declares himself a creator of his own universe and assumes that role and power.

I specialize in the area of approaching Bioexistence applied to all business and/or economic issues, of all types and sizes. Whether an individual with difficulties in their personal economy, employee, entrepreneur, businessman, team leader, CEO, founder, partner of a company, independent professional, self-employed and / or dependent, SMEs, organizations and anyone looking to be in fullness with their economy.

Bioexistence applied to Business and Economy (BEX EyE) is based on the application of the "AlBian" algorithm, a specific method created by Humano Puente (Pablo Almazán and Lucrecia Bianchi) that seeks an integral improvement in the economies and companies themselves, being the central axis, the concept of conscious individual and company.

This algorithm does not work in the mental plane but in a deeper place, the unconscious. Place from which, the orders are given so that the mind executes without question and even believing that they are decisions taken freely.

The BEX EyE encompasses not only the optimization and economic improvement but the happiness and peace of the person at all levels and health of all its parts. I am a consultant certified by Humano Puente, who accompanies those people to find that fullness, coherence and abundance, whether in their finances, economy and their whole life. Abundance in peace, health and happiness is not negotiable. What are you going to do?


Thank you for allowing yourself this time and space to heal yourself and heal your universe.

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